Sunday, May 20

Games at Harrison KofC have been moved to Harrison Community Center C

Basketball Standings 2018

7/8 Silver
St. Jude Burns  - 1st place
St. John Dry Ridge Grubbs  - 2nd place 

7/8 B1 Gold
St. Ignatius Woodard - 1st place
St. James Todd  - 2nd place

7/8 A Red
St. Antoninus Price  - 1st place
St. Ignatius Swift  - 2nd place

5/6 Jade
St. Teresa Bruins  - Tie for 1st
St. Martin Rogers  - Tie for 1st

5/6 Blue
St. Teresa Whitmer  - Tie for 1st
Visitation Cunningham  - Tie for 1st

5/6 B1 Aqua
OLV Hess - 1st place
St. John Dry Ridge Grubbs  - 2nd place
5/6 A Green
OLL Cluxton  - 1st place
St. Ignatius Woelfel - 2nd place
St. Antoninus - 2nd place

High School
Visitation Willenborg -1st place
St. Antoninus Rolfes - 2nd place



Sports are not just about the final score…
It's about positive coaching, sportsmanship for children and their parents, learning to live together in a diverse community, maximizing talents, and fostering the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual strength in each of us.
The Girls Western Athletic Conference (GWAC) is committed to provide a fun, yet competitive, environment whereby the young ladies of our community may compete and develop general or advanced skills in specific sports, while learning the basic values of teamwork, respect and sportsmanship.
The GWAC serves 19 parishes in the Cincinnati Archdiocese and offers Girls Basketball, Girls Softball, Girls Volleyball.

"Catholic Youth Athletics furthers the mission of the Catholic Church by providing sports experiences for youth that are firmly rooted in the Catholic faith tradition, based on the goals of Catholic youth ministry, and aligned with the evangelizing mission of the Catholic Church."

- Archdiocese of Cincinnati Charter on Catholic Youth Athletics Mission Statement

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Athlete Prayer

Athlete’s Prayer Words of Champions

Help me to play the game, dear Lord, with all my might and main;
Grant me the courage born of right, a heart to stand the strain…
Send me a sense of humor, Lord...



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